Andrea di Nino, who has guided swimmers to Olympic and world success, will host a clinic for elite coaches during next month’s European Short Course Swimming Championships in Otopeni, Romania.

The clinic will feature a presentation titled “The Coach Manager of the Third Millennium:  Teach the Swimmers as a Coach, Act With the Staff as a Manager”.

It will take place on Thursday 7 December at the Phoenicia Grand Hotel, Bucharest, one hour after the conclusion of the heats session with transport provided from the Aquatics Complex of Otopeni.

It is the latest coaching event run by European Aquatics which has taken place at each major competition this year and underlines our commitment to the furthering of coaches’ knowledge and insight.

European Aquatics Sports Director Apostolos Tsagkarakis outlined the benefits of the clinic, saying:

“Over the last couple of decades, we have seen elite coaches, with Olympic golds and WRs under their belts, offer their expertise to wider groups, such as National and International federations.

“If you want to get the best out of an athlete or a group of athletes, writing a workout and timing sets is only a small part of the process.

“If you think about it, we are all in the “interpersonal relationships” business, with sub-activities such as delivering top-level results at the European Championships or the Olympic Games.

“It has been like that for a while. Therefore, if you want to be a top-level coach and have a competitive advantage in the future, you would want to walk that path.

“The presentation on 7 December will showcase tools on how to develop in that area.”

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